This is a thin API layer on top of the CSV data provided by the Property Services Regulatory Authority. The PSRA’s CSVs have some funny encoding (CP1252), a misconfigured SSL certificate, and are generally a bit annoying to query directly. This service queries the CSVs and provides them here with a more standard JSON API. It doesn’t do any normalising or cleaning of the address or description fields, so any errors present on the register itself will be present here.

There are a bunch of caveats about the data on the PSRA’s price register site, so look for answers there if you’re curious.

The API only covers residential properties. Maybe you want to add commercial properties? Go ahead.

I’ve tried to make this little site illustrate how one might interact with this API. It’s generally what you'd expect, I hope. GET /api/sales will return a list of JSON objects. GET /api/sales/:id will return a single JSON sale object. The :id is a uuid, so it's not guessable – you'll need to GET /api/sales to find them.

At the moment, the list endpoint only takes before or after params to page around — no filtering or sorting yet. If you want to do that, you can page through the sales and ingest them into your own database. And then go wild. You do you.

This site itself isn’t intended to be a useful interface for humans. Sorry.

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